Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fried Rice Recipe How To Make The Most Delicious and Practical

Fried Rice Recipe How To Make The Most Delicious and Practical - Fried rice is one of my favorite foods in addition to noodles. Surely many of you are so infatuated with this rice oalahan. In addition to good taste, how to make it also very easy. Fried rice usually served at breakfast in the morning or in the afternoon accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea.

If you are housewives who want to present practical food for breakfast.Cara Membuat Nasi Goreng Menu then this one is perfect for you to test. The material is easily available, how to make it also very practical. Only with a plate of white rice, a friend was able to make special fried rice was delicious and scrumptious.

for friends who want to try how to make fried rice that is easy and delicious specials, please continue to follow the following article which will provide a variety of special fried rice recipe. Instead curious, please refer to the following for more.

Puree all ingredients fried rice first, then add the oil to the skillet, then enter 1 egg and scrambled until cooked. Lift and dinginkan.Tumis seasoning that has been mashed up smelling harum.Masukkan white rice, then stir until rata.Setelah average, put tomato sauce, soy sauce and egg, then stir until rata.Angkat and fried rice ready to serve.