Saturday, September 3, 2016

Recipes How to Create Content Cireng Savory Chicken

Recipes How to Create Content Cireng Savory Chicken - Is the typical culinary offerings in the archipelago are very familiar with deliciousness. With a crisp and chewy texture that makes cireng much in demand at all among both teens and adults. Cireng made with a wide variety to attract the hawker's penikmati is more like cireng, one is to fill in the middle with different stuffing cireng making cireng more delicious and savory. And there are many more people who innovate to make cireng more diverse and many others preferred to cireng increasingly recognized luas.Nah now many people who menjajakkan cireng to be sold and consumed.

Chicken fillet, cut into tiny little salt, Cara Membuat Cireng pepper to taste. Onions to taste garlic, and onion to taste Slightly oil goreng.Cara make chicken contents: First saute onion, shallot and garlic in hot oil Then add the chicken fillets with salt and pepper and stir until slightly browned / overcooked. Finished, drain well.

The first thing Combine all above ingredients except water and vegetable oil, stir until all ingredients are evenly and tercampur.Didihkan water, pour in the batter, stirring until dough forms kalis.Kemudian and do not forget to enter the stuffing chicken that has been made, then the appropriate form selera.Goreng cireng already given stuffing chicken in cooking oil that has been hot, fire is not too large so overcooked merata.Selesai serve this dish on your relatives all.