Saturday, September 3, 2016

Recipe Chicken Noodle Home Based Practical and Delicious

Recipe Chicken Noodle Home Based Practical and Delicious - Chicken noodle recipes tasty and delicious easy to make at home. Who does not know the culinary phenomenal as chicken noodle ?. Chicken noodle is one that has many culinary enthusiasts. The reason is quite simple, it tastes good and tasty gravy make anyone want to eat it. Besides chicken noodle also enjoyable at any time and anywhere, whether in the rainy season or dry season. One characteristic of chicken noodle soup that is brown chicken that is placed above the noodles and equipped with toping such as meatballs and crackers bulb dumplings.

How to serve chicken noodle soup Cara Membuat Mie Ayam can be added with mustard and poached egg, so that will make chicken noodle is much more enjoyable, or you can also add the claw when penyajiaanya. How to make chicken noodle is not difficult, it can even be said to make chicken noodle itself quite easily. In addition to the material is very easy to get, and how to cook it also does not require a long time.

First saute the ingredients that has been mashed up fragrant and discolored, then enter the chicken pieces that have been cut into small pieces, stir until cooked chicken and spices to infuse with the sempurna.Setelah add enough water or according to taste and leave to boil cook chicken, then put soy sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and flavor to taste, then stir until rata.Selanjutnya remove and drain the chicken that has been cooked and put it in different places.