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Delicious Recipes to Make Spaghetti Bolognaise Practical

Delicious Recipes to Make Spaghetti Bolognaise Practical - For you fans of typical dishes coming from Italian and curious to know how the hell do I make spaghetti bolognaise, here we want to share Recipes to Make Spaghetti bolognaise buff specifically for the food is tasty and delicious. As for the material and how to make spaghetti bolognaise is as follows

The first step, heat the oil, then saute garlic until fragrant. Then enter the spaghetti and celery, then stir, then lift and sisihkan.Langkah second, heat the oil. Then saute onion until fragrant and enter the giling.Setelah meat stir it looks discolored Cara Membuat Spaghetty

Next, add the button mushrooms and tomatoes. then mix well. After that, put tomato sauce, tomato paste, sugar, salt and pepper. Then stir again until rata.Terakhir, pour water, then cook until done and seen to seep. After that, add oregano and basil. Then stir and pour upwards spaghetti, then Spaghetti Bolognaise you made ready to be served.

Recipes and How to Make Crispy Crunchy Mushrooms and Durable

Recipes and How to Make Crispy Crunchy Mushrooms and Durable - Mushrooms recipe Crispy Crunchy - Snacks This one is quite popular as fried chicken or fried chicken cool term. And basically, they both have the same concept that is lining the main material with a layer of flour to get a crispy coating and tasteful. Not only that, for dough materials used are still the same just a little different depending on our tastes when made.

Snacks are usually dijajakkan ranging from afternoon until Cara Membuat Jamur Crispy night could be obtained at a relatively affordable price. But does not like fried chicken is very easy to find, snacks crispy mushrooms is relatively rare. Therefore, as an alternative we can make it yourself at home.

As with other flour-coated food, how to make crispy crunchy mushrooms are also quite simple and practical. We could make it only with authorized curiosity even without a high-level gastronomy. But it is the taste that is obtained may be less as expected. If you've ever tried to make it, at least we have an idea for the future if we try to make it again and can adjust the taste experience.

In the process, the core of the manufacturing mushrooms are crispy batter coating on the raw material for the mushrooms and then fried. So that the flour can stick perfectly on mushrooms, we need a binder so that it sits perfectly. Actually, using water alone is enough to make the flour sticks to the mold, but it felt less lost if without seasoning. For that, we use the dough crispy mushroom dyes that we have a taste more savory and delicious.

How To Make The Most Easy Pancake

How To Make The Most Easy Pancake - How to make pancakes may already be a question a lot of people who love pancakes. Actually how to make pancakes were pretty easy as long as you memupunyai strong desire and patience. Pancake is very suitable for a family meal. Moreover, when consumed at breakfast time, the pancakes will taste better.

For those of you who are very eager to make pancakes certainly often asked -Cara Membuat Pancake wondering how the heck do I make pancakes are tasty and easy it is. Or may have the desire to make pancakes for the family or friends - friends. To answer all the questions you might ask, I'll give the recipe and steps - steps to make pancakes.

Mix well and stir in flour, salt, egg yolks and milk with a balloon whisk until blended, or can use a mixer at lowest speed (if you do not have a balloon whisk and mixer, can also use a wooden spatula) Beat egg whites until stiff. Could use a fork or balloon whisk.Kemudian enter the flour mixture into the egg white mixture and stir well. Well in dough mixing flour with egg white, can also use the technique of fishing. By taking a few egg whites and mix it into the flour and stir well. added little by little. Then just insert the flour mixture into the egg whites. This step is to avoid bergerindil egg white.

Heat teflon smallest diameter (which is to make sunny side), rub with margarine, reduce the heat. Can also use Teflon standar.Tuang size of about 2.5 tablespoons of vegetable mixture, cover dough sebentarBalik if there had been little porous and slightly hardened edges

Recipes And How To Make Donuts With Ease

Recipes And How To Make Donuts With Ease - Collection of various recipes and how to make donuts with a simple, gentle, tender and tasty. Donat is one type of cake made from dough of flour, sugar, eggs and butter processed by frying. In general, two types of donut-shaped, namely having a donut-shaped ring donut-shaped hole in the middle and round which can be filled with different types of jams and so on.

How to make donuts actually tricky,Cara Membuat Donat because if friend slightest errors in making the dough, donuts will become sodden and difficult to expand. It required a bit of extra attention in making the dough donut. Therefore in this article I will discuss about recipes and how to create a special donut for friends Cantikinfo following

Whisk 2 eggs with a spoon, then enter the sugar, salt, milk, butter and flour. Rata.Campurkan and stir until the yeast into the water, then stir and enter it into the dough. Afterwards knead until smooth and set aside in a sealed container about 20 minutes until the dough mengembang.Ambil 1 tablespoon of dough and round it off, kemdian keep in containers that have been dusted with flour so that the dough is not sticky. Do it that way until the dough runs and siamkan for 20 minutes until the dough looks mengembang.Panaskan circle cooking oil, puncture the center circle of the dough, then fry over low heat and wait until the color turns brown, then remove and let stand until dingin.Setelah the sprinkle donuts donuts with powdered sugar, or to taste best friends.

How To Make The Tasty Pudding and Chewy

How To Make The Tasty Pudding and Chewy - Puddings usually be one of the desserts after meals, in addition to the fruits we can also use the pudding as the end of the closing of your meal. And of course you also need to know about how to manufacture various puddings. On this occasion I have to divide the recipe on how to make pudding. For you who do not understand the previous way of making pudding, and wanted to know how, shall consider the following reviews carefully.

Sweetened condensed milk, water, gelatin, mixed and stir,Cara Membuat Puding then cook over low heat until mendidih.Telur shaken together sugar and vanilla until fluffy and thick, then enter the flour little by little alternately with liquid margarine and stir well. gelatin that has been cooked poured into the egg mixture, gently shake until well blended. The dough is divided into two parts, partly mixed with chocolate, stir well, which is partly let kuning.Tuangkan 100 ml colored yellow dough in the center of the pan, pour back 50 ml chocolate mixture on top of batter yellow. Do keep in alternately until the dough runs out. Chill until frozen custard. Pudding ready to serve.

Mix all ingredients together satu.Masak over low heat while stir until melted chocolate and mendidih.Angkat, stir until the steam berkurang.Siapkan pudding pan according selera.Taruh few grains button at the bottom loyang.Tuangi choco pudding mixture, let until beku.Simpan in the refrigerator until dingin.Sajikan with the sauce.

Caramel: sugar placed in a saucepan, and heat until melted and brown, pour water 100 ml little bit until late, sisihkanAgar-order cooked with milk, caramel and sugar to a boil, then mix with the egg yolks, stir and lift it up and enter into cetakanPuding chocolate: Mix together milk, gelatin cocoa powder, dark cooking chocolate, sugar then stir and put didihkanKemudian eggs, stir briefly and then pour over the caramel vanilla pudding mold tadi.Masukkan in the refrigerator. Allow to cool serve

How to Make a Delicious Pempek Palembang

How to Make a Delicious Pempek Palembang - Pempek Palembang is a typical food, and how to make pempek own quite a bit complicated because it must require multiple stages or processes in order to become pempek delicious and tasty. If viewed in terms of materials can be found easily on the market, to make a delicious pempek you should be a little more patient and meticulous.

First mix the minced fish with ice water and salt and seasonings, stirring until dough minced fish really tercampur.Kemudian add the corn starch in the Cara Membuat Pempek dough minced fish was chewy taste until the dough so that it can diuleni and no longer sticky. (For a little or a lot of his sago depending on the level of resilience that we want, so that the fish taste really feel, not too much to give sago) To form a dough rub your hands with a little flour to prevent sticking, then the shape according to taste (can be in the form of oval or can be filled with eggs) Boil mixture until dough pempek pempek really float, then remove and drain.

Demikianlan several steps how to make a delicious pempek. Once ready to serve you better bring your family or your brother made your own sample cuisine. If there is input from the family should be accommodated only and can be used as a reference in the future when making pempek again. Hopefully the above steps can help you who are confused to find the recipe and how to make pempek easily.

Recipes and How to Make a Simple Sandwich Delicious Delicious

Recipes and How to Make a Simple Sandwich Delicious Delicious - Of course you are familiar with the sandwich, right? Food This one is known as a full breakfast menu is much preferred and consumed a lot of people. Sandwich, known as a sandwich with vegetables, meat, cheese, and various kinds of seasoning with chili sauce. Sandwich also serves food that is often a provision. In fact, in other countries, the sandwich is also a lunch menu. For the sandwich itself, various kinds of bread can be used as a sandwich with different variants of the contents, and usually on the surface of the sandwich were given butter, mayonnaise, margarine, or oil spread zaiktun. Generally, sandwich served with Chips, lettuce, potatoes or fries.

Not only contains vegetables, meat, and cheese, sandwich was also not uncommon that use eggs, cheese and lettuce, according to taste everyone. Sandwich becomes a practical and easy to make dishes, so no wonder most people prefer to prepare sandwiches to be their breakfast menu,Cara Membuat Sandwich which is where the food is very much a young boy. In addition to sandwiches, lots of sandwiches are also using sandwich previously roasted or steamed first, according to taste.

Several variants of sandwich stuffing depending on its production, and also the tastes of each person. If you would like sandwich for breakfast menu, you can make the appropriate sandwich variants of taste as well as your creativity. You are interested to make? Listen directly Sandwich recipe below.

The smoked meat you can replace with using fish fillet baked earlier, according to your taste. Moreover, not only the bread used in the manufacture of sandwich. Any type of bread can be used, according to taste. Keep in mind also, that the bread can be used without having baked or steamed, in accordance with. To be more practical, you can buy bread with skinless widely available at supermarkets and patisserie.

Recipes and How to Make Beef Tenderloin Steak Black Pepper Cream Sauce

Recipes and How to Make Beef Tenderloin Steak Black Pepper Cream Sauce - A delicious dish that has the appearance of a beautiful, seductive aroma and delicious taste immeasurably, almost makes this dish difficult to reject. Moreover, when given freely, asked to spend it alone, has been great for our sustenance. That presumably, cook picture represents how a dish is presented with sitimewa.

Cara Membuat Steak For you lovers of steak meat, you would be familiar with the division of many types of steak are served. One is the tenderloin steak, steak presentation is steak taken from the waist near the kidney of cattle. Generally, the meat of this section do not have much fat or muscle, so that when burned and enjoyed, the meat of this type would be much more lembuut than the other steak.

Well, if usually you often enjoy a dish of steak in a five star restaurant. This time you will easily be able to make yourself at home. Like what is the recipe to make a steak tenderloin with black pepper cream sauce were tasty and delicious? We consider the following.

The first step you can do in advance to make a delicious dish on the recipe this time is to first make the meat steaks. The trick, coat the meat with black pepper and a little salt. At one blow, and make sure all the flavors mingle on a piece of steak that has been dipersiapkan.Sebelum burned or added to other materials. It is better to leave it up to become the meat in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to ascertain if the spices to infuse the meat so that when baked will be able to produce a pleasant aroma and flavor steady.

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Bars From Fruit Cocoa Beans

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Bars From Fruit Cocoa Beans - Another yard will surely find Car Making Chocolate, but using materials so or chocolate bars. For that I bring unique information about the way of making chocolate bars from ore cacao or cocoa. Fruit trees usually cocoa or chocolate can be found in the mountains or highlands, if his own just below the processing of brown fruit into chocolate bars.

In the process, or How to Make Chocolate begins with the selection of the ore or brown fruit, must choose a really ripe from the tree or dark yellow / dark red / dark brown and easily picked. The next brown ore must undergo fermentation for 5 days, not too long, and better than the fermented sap of the fruit skin, because the skin of the fruit chocolate contains natural enzymes.

Further ore brown fruit must undergo the drying / drying. Cara Membuat Coklat After drying can be directly baked with sufficient amount of time or until the beans are seen completely dry and easily destroyed .Cara Make Chocolate further by detaching the core of the shells of cocoa beans, cocoa beans after roasting, the shells would look half destroyed, and from which ore could sieved and shells will peel off by itself.

The next stage of the liquid is inserted into a separate container and Mix with milk and sugar, stirring for 3 (three) days nonstop. this is done to reduce the level of acidity of Making Chocolate brown tersebut.Cara next is to print the result of grinding the chocolate liquor, can be molded into bars or in another form, and of course, already ready to be processed to the next process.

How To Make A Brownie recipe soft, tender and tasty

How To Make A Brownie recipe soft, tender and tasty - Brownies are one kind of square-shaped cake made with roasted or steamed. Brownies itself is made of a dough of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate has melted, and almonds. Actually brownie recipe is similar to the other sponge cake recipe, which distinguishes it lies only in the baking powder. Brownies have a distinctive characteristic that with a mix of sweet chocolate cake, making this cake into a cake that is much in demand by everyone. These brownies are available in a variety of flavors, such as chocolate, cheese, pandan, chocolate cheese and so on. Even now the cake has nbanyak sold in various toke cakes and supermarkets.

How to make brownies is not difficult, if Cara Membuat Brownies you already know the exact recipe to make brownies. Therefore for those who want to try to make brownies at home, can listen to the following article on the brownie recipe soft, tender and tasty.Melt the butter, then enter the dark cooking chocolate, stirring until meleleh.Masukkan brown sugar, stir until sugar is dissolved. Then add eggs, beat until blended. Enter the flour little by little, stirring rata.Setelah that, add the chopped almonds, stir the batter into the pan rata.Tuang measuring 20x20x4 cm that has spread with margarine and lined with baking paper first. Then sprinkle the top of the dough with sliced ​​almonds.

Divide all ingredients above form the two bagian.Setelah the melted margarine, then enter potingan dark cooking chocolate and stir until chocolate meleleh.Kocok eggs and sugar until fluffy, then add the flour and cocoa powder. Stir gently, then pour the batter into a baking dish measuring 24x20x7 2 cm.Kukus for 10 minutes minutes on medium heat. After that place a slice of cheese on top, steamed again for 10 menit.Kocok the rest of the eggs and remaining sugar until fluffy, then add the flour and cocoa powder sifted and stirred rata.Tuang liquid margarine, stir again. Selanjutnta pour the dough onto a layer of cheese slice, steamed again for 10 minutes on medium heat or until cake matang.Angkat and dingkan while. Cut the pastry according selera.Brownies cheese ready to serve.

How to Make Easy and Delicious Egg Martabak

How to Make Easy and Delicious Egg Martabak - Martabak is one of the snacks made from a mixture of eggs and meat, which is sold at night on the roadside. Martabak usually served as warm along with pickles and chilli to taste became more comfortable and enjoyable. In Indonesia alone martabak divided into two kinds, namely sweet martabak (bright moon) and martabak salted (martabak eggs). Actually how to make martabak very easy and does not require much material and time, so you can try to make yourself at home as a special dish for her beloved family.

Therefore for those who want to know the recipe and how to Cara Membuat Martabak make martabak egg specials are easy and practical, please continue to follow the following article which will provide information on how to make martabak, ranging from leather martabak, content, until I make a complete step by step.

Combine flour, oil, eggs and salt and extra water gradually while diuleni until the dough becomes kalis.Setelah it for the dough into 2 parts, round and goreng.Diamkan oil soak for 1-2 hours. For one hour the first batter should be submerged all into cooking oil, and for the next 1 hour lift the dough is still smeared with oil and place it in a container and cover with a cloth or napkins.

Saute onion and garlic until fragrant, then enter the ground beef, curry powder, pepper, slices of 1 leek and garam.Kemudian stir until the meat was overcooked and the water coming out of the ground meat shrinks. Remove and set aside, to be 2 bagian.Setelah it Shake 4 eggs (previously already taken 2 tablespoons of batter mix skin), create a scrambled half-baked. Set aside and divide into 2 parts.

Take one piece of dough skin, pipihkan with your palm under the thumb of the circumferential direction so that the dough becomes a little bit wide. Grasp both ends of the dough, turn from the left to right, back in its original place repeatedly so that the dough becomes tipis.Kemudian fill with 1 piece of beaten eggs, ground beef, scrambled eggs, chopped green onion, salt and pepper, then stir until the dough rata.Untuk second skin, do the same way with the batter first skin, as well as for the isinya.Setelah heat the oil in a rather large griddle, put the dough skin that has been thinned. Fill the center with the last batter, fold the edges of the skin towards the center, until sealed, fry until matang.Angkat and serve while warm.

How to Make Steamed Bolu Rainbow Soft and Gentle

How to Make Steamed Bolu Rainbow Soft and Gentle - Steamed sponge rainbow is salaha the name kind of cake that has a wide range of colors like a rainbow, which is called the rainbow steamed sponge. The steamed sponge texture is very soft and gentle so much liked by everyone. The food is widely available everywhere and is very easy to get it.

Almost every region in Indonesia Cara Membuat Bolu Kukus even until the whole world was there one food is steamed sponge rainbow that this is a food that is not foreign to our ears. This cake has very beautiful colors until your children are also very interested in the cake on this one. Although this cake is already banyk sold everywhere, but you also would not hurt if you want to make yourself an easy way. For the manufacturing process is very easy and simple is not much different from the others make steamed sponge. Here is a recipe to make steamed sponge rainbow.

Combine sugar, eggs and cake emulsifier and beat with mixer until fluffy and pucatMasukkan flour, baking powder and salt gradually sifted, stirring until merataTuang thick coconut milk into the mixture while stirring rataAdonan divided into sections and each given a few drops coloring, stirring batter rataMasukkan the colored one by one into a baking sheet that has been smeared with dough in langseng minyakKukus heat until completely cooked


RECIPES TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE A GOOD ORIGINAL WHITE - Tofu is a food made from fermented soy beans process and take the juice. Unlike the original from Indonesian tempeh, tofu came from China, as well as soy sauce, tauco, Steamed Bun, and meatballs. Here recipe how to make out the original white tasty equipped with step - step how to easily make themselves at home

Soybean seeds were winnowed to besar.Kedelai been washed, then soaked in water for six jam.Kedelai washed again for half jam.Kedelai divided and placed in ebleg, made of bamboo or plastik.Kedelai finely ground, and soybean grain flow Cara Membuat Tahu into the barrel directly penampung.Butir soybeans boiled in soy besar.Bubur sized skillet and then moved from the frying pan into the tub or vat to be filtered with calico cloth or rough cloth that had been placed on a bamboo cage. So that all the juice in the soybean slurry is filtered all, the fabric was placed a plank of wood and someone riding on it and shook. Filtering waste, called pulp, squeezed again by flushing cold water, until it does not contain more juice. Filtering is done repeatedly until depleted soy porridge.

Air filter housed in the barrel yellow or white vinegar mixed with acid in order to clot. In addition to acetic acid, can also be added coconut water, or liquid whey (water sari know if you knew had to clot) that have dieramkan, or powdered gypsum (calcium sulphate) is separated from the acid .air or tuft of white blob and stored, because they can be used again. Lumps or flakes know who is beginning to settle poured in a box measuring for example 50 x 60 cm2 and covered with calico. Dough out felted box for a minute, so the water is still mixed in the batter knows it stretched to the limit. The batter knows already crowded box-shaped cut, for example with a size of 6 x 4 cm2. Know also ready for sale.

How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True

How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True - Wet spring rolls and spring rolls are fried snacks were very popular, his second differ at only just in the process of processing into mature spring rolls. Now we will discuss this time is the spring roll skin. Spring roll skin is important in making spring rolls itself, all the people will judge a spring roll of skin, different as books do not look at the book from its cover hehehe ga disconnected. Therefore, when you look at the spring rolls wrapped in soft leather will surely make you taste more and more intrigued. Different when you see her spring rolls with leather wrapping the broken or cracked everywhere after being fried.

As the main ingredient Cara Membuat Kulit Lumpia used to make spring roll skin is flour mixed with water and a little salt and eggs. Well the main conditions for making spring roll skin to be in get good results is on the way of kneading the dough or how to knead in the Java language must be absolutely perfect, but it is with the addition of other ingredients to make a spring roll skin becomes crispy, savory and steady. Based on the opinion of many, a good skin is skin that is thin, crisp, smooth, crisp and definitely its tasteful and does not break when fried and definitely taste too bad. But of course everyone has their own individual tastes in making spring roll skin, nothing like thin, but some are like thick. For those of you who like a thin skin of dough apply once on a frying pan, the result will be a more pliant when it is cold. For those who like a thick batter apply many times during frying, the results will be lebaih durable in terms of its crispness.

For the storage method also affects the crispness and too salty from spring rolls. If the spring rolls should be consumed immediately put on a piece of banana leaf and cover the top with banana leaves as well, this will also create a more attractive aroma of spring rolls. If will be stored for long periods should be inserted into a plastic bag in order to keep your renyah.Nah for foodies that many ask how to make skin Lumpai good, here I will share her recipe hopefully I will share a recipe that is consistent with the results that you expect and immediately refer any recipe How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True follows.

Recipes And How To Make Nasi Uduk Rice Cooker Complete And Delicious

Recipes And How To Make Nasi Uduk Rice Cooker Complete And Delicious - Coffè a typical main hidanga in Indonesia. Coffè taste delicious, equipped with side dishes that complete and also make it quite easy to use cooker.Nasi uduk rice originating from Betawi very well known, although white but a grain of rice is not sticky even cooking process using additional ingredients and spices -rempah which makes it even more istimewa.Hingga result of coffè very tasteful and flavorful.

Coffè served with fried onions with additional side dishes such as fried chicken, fried tempeh and tofu. Even to add flavor, coffè added seasoning and Cara Membuat Nasi Uduk chilli peanut khas.Nasi uduk originally only sold traditionally in Jakarta, one of the famous coffè betawi nut orchard but now can be spread in the country, even easily to you make yourself at home to present a new menu of processed rice.

Make coffè can now be made more practical by using the tool cook rice, rice cooker or magic com. To facilitate you in making coffè, we will share the recipe with you to create / mamasak coffè using the rice cooker / magic com.

To facilitate you in making rice cooker coffè we will provide video examples to make coffè using the rice cooker. Free step makes coffè this will help you in making coffè that praktis.Rasa coffè will be even more special with the addition of seasoning peanut or peanut sauce that is typical with coffè Betawi. Coffè can serve special meals for some event or made lunch boxes / rice bento. You can supplement it with additional complementary materials such as fish, chicken, tofu, tempeh, crackers, vegetables and peanut sauce are typical.

How to make delicious cakes fried Pastel

How to make delicious cakes fried Pastel - Pastry called pastel is flexible, willing to make for the kind of wet or dry pastel crispy. It also depends on the content and how the end of cooking, if filled with vegetables, or eggs, can be wet pastel. Or if you want to dry, usually side with shredded, dried and fried. Regarding its content, generally pastels contain eggs, chicken, rice, and carrots. Can also meat vegetables, potatoes or tomatoes, depending on the preferred variation. The food is usually very popular with children, and fortunately pastel highly nutritious when seen from the contents. Usually there are three stages to make pastel, which makes the skin, and the contents, but here we will give that to three, namely sauce (optional). For skin you can buy ready-made, if it feels too complicated to make your own.

Heat the oil for a while, then Cara Membuat Pastel saute the ingredients are mashed up fragrant aroma appear. Enter the carrots and chicken that have been shreded-shreded, stirring until wilted carrots into half. Add salt, sugar, pepper, and cook until done. When would be appointed, enter the noodles, then stir rata.Kulit: Beat the eggs briefly, then put all the ingredients of the skin, stir origin blended. Form the dough into thin noodles using a rolling pin. Start of the thickness of the number 1 being the thickest. Then milled again until the thickness of the thinnest or the number 5. Print to print pastel leather. Using a rolling pin can, try flat and thin. After the skin is complete, enter part of the contents that have been sauteed earlier, add a slice of egg. Fold the edges and twisted.

Fry: Heat oil to be hot right, turn, fire, and enter pastel, stir. After that, turn on the stove back with a small flame, pastel fry until cooked. Serve with easy recipes sausnyaDemikian create soft pastel, complete with a nutritious dish for your dear family.

Baking Recipes Nastar Cake Withe Pineapple Jam

Baking Recipes Nastar Cake Withe Pineapple Jam - Eid Ramadan has arrived and soon. One of the things that separated dibisa if Eid has arrived is to prepare a cake for the guests and the family later. One that is often served during Eid is nastar pineapple cake.

Although the price of pineapple or pineapple jam is quite expensive, but still a lot that makes this pineapple nastar. in fact, sometimes - sometimes the price of pineapple jam cake nastar's price can be very soar at the time - the eve of Ramadan as it is today. Well, one thing you can do to save money is to make nastar pineapple cake itself. Well, if you are still confused with the recipe and how to make a cake nastar pineapple jam, see the recipe and how to make it as follows.

Cara Membuat Kue Nastar To make selainya, choose a ripe pineapple fresh yellow colored. This is so that later the more fragrant aroma. If you can not select it, you can buy jam nastar sold in pasaran.Jika you choose to use fresh pineapple, then the pineapple parutlah using a sharp grated cheese. However, do not ever blender pineapple pineapple tersebut.Panaskan your terrsebut without interfering with the sugar with the flame being. If the water has evaporated, the new dinanas you enter the sugar and cook until the pineapple kering.Tambahkan also salt in butter for the peanut butter adds a rasa.Ratakan on a baking pan and bake in the oven for a minute.

Combine 3 egg yolks and 2 egg whites in a container and shake until rata.Tambahkan flour, butter, refined sugar and parmesan cheese on a yellow and white egg mixture and stir until blended earlier. If it is still too thin, you can add the flour terigunya lagi.Bentuk the dough into a round shape - small round and inside the circle before adding pineapple jam on a Loyang.Panggang nastar earlier in a oven with a temperature of approximately 170-180 degrees, for less more 15-20 menit.Jika already cooked, remove and nastar nanaspun jam is ready to serve.

How To Make An Email From Google Gmail, Fast And Accurate

How To Make An Email From Google Gmail, Fast And Accurate - Create an account gmail - To be able to surf the Internet more widely then you must have an account called E-mails which with this email account will be used as a tool to register or create an account in a variety of Internet services and applications

One of the most popular email services are Gmail (Google Mail). Cara Membuat Email Through this post, I will discuss in detail how to register a new email in Gmail IndonesiaEmail Gmail or Google account is also called an email service Google products were first introduced in 2004. In order to create a new Gmail account at Google Indonesia is not charged or free and you can create a gmail email address more than one account

On this page I will describe two guides them how to register a gmail account How to create a new Gmail email on google Indonesia that the process can be done from a variety of devices How to create a new gmail account google Indonesia that the process can only be done from the mobile device (version Hp)

Registration method gmail of two ways are not much different, please follow one of the ways that you think is the most easy to follow, but for those of you who want to make a lot of gmail accounts at once, please follow the way the list of gmail the second because the process create a gmail account through via link registration could make a mobile version of gmail accounts in large amounts only by using the same 1 no hp

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Recipes to Make Sweet Martabak Super Delicious and Simple

Recipes to Make Sweet Martabak Super Delicious and Simple - Recipe how to make sweet martabak - A few days ago I shared the recipe to make brownies are delicious it is addictive. And the next cookie recipe that will we learn this time is a recipe for making sweet martabak or often referred to as the light of the moon.

This one cake shaped like pancakes and are usually sold on the roadside. The taste is so smooth and delicious in the mouth makes a lot of people are anxious to make this cake. This recipe can also be used to make a sweet martabak mini,Cara Membuat Martabak Manis living alone who created mini size. Okey straight course, following the recipe to make sweet martabak

Enter the flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and salt into a large-sized bowl. And mix well using a spatula, be screened until the dough is not clotted.Prepare a nonstick griddle or skillet teflon diameter up to you. Meanwhile, mix baking soda with a little water and add to the batter and mix well.

Sprinkle a little sugar, then cover the pan and roast over low heat until the dough martabak looked porous and dry. We recommend that you use a wok lid made of transparent glass, so you can know martabak maturity.

How to Make a Facebook Account / FB New With Easy

How to Make a Facebook Account / FB New With Easy - Before I made this post, I was quite surprised to see the data that appears in Google's AdWords Keyword Tool which shows that the keyword how to create a Facebook / FB pretty much searched on the internet. During this time I think everyone has understood how to create a Facebook account, I was wrong hehehe.

The growth of Internet users in Indonesia is increasing proportional Cara Membuat Facebook to the growth of social media site users. One of the social media that is currently used by many people is Facebook. However, despite a growing number of Facebook users, it turns out there are friends who do not quite understand how to create a Facebook / FB.

To have a Facebook account will not be charged or FREE forever. Ok, for my friends who do not understand how to create a Facebook / FB, here is an easy way to register on Facebook. Oh yes, before you have to have an email account before registering on Facebook. For friends who do not understand how to create an email, please read my previous article, which is about how to create a new email.

How to Make Sweet Cassava Tape with Texture Soft

How to Make Sweet Cassava Tape with Texture Soft - Tape cassava more popular in West Java as an hors d'oeuvre peuyeum original Bandung Indonesia.Di kota-kota besar di seluruh Indonesia, tape singkong biasanya dijual oleh penjual keliling dengan menggunakan gerobak dan lebih populer dengan sebutan tape singkong saja.

Cassava has a distinctive aroma as alcohol aroma, taste sweet because it contains a lot of sugar produced from fermented cassava good pati.Tekstur cassava is soft but does not contain a lot of liquid.Consume cassava is believed to provide a variety of benefits such as improving nerve function, a source of probiotics as well as an energy source because it contains sugar and karbohidrat.Namun, consuming excessive tape also resulted in good effects such as digestive disorders and immune deficiency.

Cara Membuat Tape Singkong Cassava is a food that contains starch, so the carbohydrate content is highest among nutrients lainnya.Pada 100 grams of fermented cassava, cassava starch fermentation of carbohydrates to produce energy at least 170 kilo calories with 42.5 grams of carbohydrates reach.

Other deposits significantly detected is 0.5 grams of protein, 0.1 grams fat, 30 milligrams of calcium and 30 milligrams of phosphorus and 0.07 milligrams of vitamin B1.Selain it, cassava contain fiber that is high enough and the alcohol content is still in safe limits.

Recipes and How to Make Tofu Semur Delicious Typical Nusantara

Recipes and How to Make Tofu Semur Delicious Typical Nusantara - Semur is one of the traditional Indonesian cuisine that is much-loved by all people. The taste is delicious with sweet and savory flavors dominated make anyone feel want to come back to eat it.

There are many types of materials used to make a delicious stew. Cara Membuat Semur Tahu And at this time we will discuss about recipes and stews know how to make a delicious stew with tofu-making process is not too complicated.

The main ingredients used in cooking stews are types of soy sauce and hazelnut. Both of these spices are spices that dominate flavor stews cuisine. So no wonder, if stews have dominated the taste of sweet and savory flavors.

Making stew really is not that complicated, but it really takes experience to get the best results and fitted with taste. Several trials will usually make a person who is just learning to cook even be able to master the manufacture of cooking stews.

Recipes to Make Chocolate Pudding Super Delicious and Gentle

Recipes to Make Chocolate Pudding Super Delicious and Gentle - Recipe how to make a chocolate pudding - Pudding is one of the dessert menu or dessert that is often referred to, where fans aplenty. And today, I will share the recipe to make a chocolate pudding that tastes very nyoklat really. Where this pudding has a chewy texture, beautiful color and certainly maknyus taste.

Prepare a rather large-sized bowl, put all the ingredients of chocolate pudding (except sugar and salt), stirring until well blended and into the solution, then strain. After that, pour into panci.Tambahkan sugar and salt, then stir until well blended. Cook until boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Remove and let stand until the steam menghilang.Tuangkan chocolate pudding solution into a mold that has been moistened with water beforehand Cara Membuat Puding Coklat .

For mold / loyangnya according to your tastes. After that, enter the mold / pan containing the pudding in the refrigerator and wait until pudding really keras.Untuk vlanya sauce, put all the ingredients (except sugar) into a different container. Stir until well blended and smooth, then saring.Masukkan into a saucepan, add sugar and cook until bubbling and thickened. Remove from the heat and let the sauce cool vlanya first.

And taadaah, covered in chocolate pudding with custard sauce on it was ready to eat. To be more cute pudding (cat times cute: p), you could add a garnish to taste on it. Could strawberry, choco chips, or whatever it is important that you like. Consider also the steamed chocolate brownie recipes are super duper softness and some of the following recipes

How to Make a Delicious Soft White Milk Pudding

How to Make a Delicious Soft White Milk Pudding - White milk pudding recipe - previously we've brought dessert menu offerings with the basic ingredients of milk chocolate or rather we call chocolate pudding recipe. Maybe some people do not like the same chocolate, in our opinion there is nothing wrong if you try this milk pudding white.

Texture is not much different really, just two pudding recipes Cara Membuat Puding Susu can we kreasikan shape according to taste, for example using molds that are gorgeous, adorned with a variety of fresh fruit pudding consumption suapaya more healthy and much more we can do for this dessert. Well, then let's look at how to make milk puddings below.

The first step mix gelatin, sweetened condensed milk and water to the pan. Then boiled while stirring continuously until boiling. Lift, leave at room temperature until the steam is lost (not to harden) The next step Pour pudding mixture into the mold / cup beautiful. Then let stand briefly until the pudding somewhat keras.Setelah rather loud garnished pudding with syrup or fresh fruit pieces in atasnya.Terakhir in the refrigerator / freezer and wait until frozen. Milk pudding was ready to be enjoyed.

How To Make Crispy Risoles Skin

How To Make Crispy Risoles Skin - rescription skin risoles also how to make that we'll discuss in this article will help you in making delicious risoles also delicious. Be it when you make risoles content of meat and vegetables for vegetarian risoles contents. As known, risoles become one of the traditional foods are quite popular because it tastes delicious too savory. Very similar to spring rolls but risoles has a different texture. Risoles soft skin from becoming one of the characteristics of food at once appeal this one. Unfortunately, many are less successful in making the skin of risoles. You want to try, can follow the steps and make the skin of risoles tips that we will present this.

Prepare a bowl large enough then insert eggs into it,How To Make Crispy Risoles Skin shake off the egg using salt mixerTambahkan dalamnyaMasukkan to liquid milk into it and stir using spatulaMasukkan flour into the dough that has been blended in atasSaat incorporate the flour, try doing little by little. While diuleni until mixed rataJika been mixed, which already melted the butter in the dough and mix again until well rata.Tutup bowl with a cloth or plastic so that the dough pulenSambil wait, you can heat up a frying pan and spread with vegetable oil or margarine cairTuang batter onto griddle tipis- thin to make leather

Dilution dough can not be done all at once,Cara Membuat Kulit Risoles but should gradually sedikitAkan very good if you batters when finished so that no dough which coagulates though kecilMargarin liquid that is inserted in the pan has an important role, namely keeping the dough too slippery so you do not have to rub margarine be kept constantly to wajan.Jika indeed fear would break the skin, you should put a little flour dough kanjiTuangkan in a position to avoid the cold skillet maturity faster than the edge of the mouth portion of skin tengahLuruskan rolled when cold, not when hot. As long as there margarinnya, the skin will be safe.

Risoles Super Delicious Recipes And How to Make It

Risoles Super Delicious Recipes And How to Make It - Risoles is a form of pastry dishes containing meat, usually a minced meat and vegetables wrapped in a fried, and fried after crumb coated with flour and beaten egg.Masakan ini pun bisa dipanggang dalam oven, serta disajikan sebagai hors-d’oeuvre ataupun entrée ringan. Risoles ukuran kecil bisa digunakan sebagai hiasan untuk hidangan dari potongan besar daging ayam/kalkun ataupun daging sapi.

Contents can risoles with chicken meat, fish, beef, button mushrooms, carrots, shrimp, potatoes, or beans. Fried dough made from a mixture of flour, butter, egg yolks, and water or milk. Well, for this time, we will try to cook risoles Mayonnaise. Here is his recipe risoles mayonaise.

Mix the flour, pepper, milk and salt until blended. Put the Resep Risoles whipped eggs and mix while you pour a little water until the batter is smooth and flat and there is no gumpalan.Tambahkanlah vegetable oil, stirring until rata.Panaskanlah non-stick frying pan 20 cm, spread a thin little oil. So that not too much oil, done by rubbing a piece of cloth or thick tissue can also dipped in a little minyak.uangkan 1 ladle batter while frying pan is shaken or rotated to form a thin circle, turn skin dries risoles after one side and easily removable. Hold up after both sides had dried, do it again on the rest of the dough skin.

Heat the margarine and saute onion until wilted. Put the chicken, stirring until stiff. Masukkalahn carrots and green beans and cook until softened, then stir the flour taburilah rata.asukkanlah also other ingredients, except cheese slices and mayonnaise and mix well again angkat.Siapkanlah skin risoles then give dough, add chunks of cheese and mayonnaise. Fold and roll then glue with a solution of wheat with little air.Celupkanlah in beaten egg and then roll in flour roti.Gorenglah until golden brown, then remove tiriskan.Selanjutnya present 15 pieces risoles cheese mayonnaise together chili sauce to make it more steady

How To Make A Right To Slime Good results

How To Make A Right To Slime Good results - How To Make A Slime - Slime is a sticky liquid and concentrated glance looks like mucus. This fluid is made in a wide variety of colors are bright and colorful. Usually slime often used for children's events, such as birthday or event-themed children's events.

Despite the odd shape and a little disgusting, but the kids loved it. Especially when the slime flushed their bodies. Then the fun will be directly radiated from their faces. Well, make cheerful child does not need to be there or wait for a birthday event, whenever you can make slime to the fruit of your heart. Surely it would be cheaper and also safe, because it does not contain hazardous materials.

How To Make A Slime There are several ways that you can practice to make their own slime.Cara Membuat Slime Quite easy, the material is also easy in the can. There are at least seven ways to make slime that is easy and safe for children. You just need to follow the steps below alone.

1. How to Make Slime of Flour Kanji

Starch is a flour made from cassava.How To Make A Slime Besides easily accessible and the price is cheap, basic ingredients of slime which is also very safe.

Prepare a medium-sized container. Clean with water and tapioca flour keringkan.Masukkan everything into containers. Flatten diuleni.Tuangkan for easy clean water slowly, stirring constantly so that the dough does not menggumpal.Selanjutnya Enter How To Make A Slime vegetable oil into the dough. Stir until smooth and consistency checks. If less liquid can be added water and a little oil lagi.Terakhir, put food coloring into the dough slime. Stir until rata.Masukkan slime in plastic and tie firmly.