Saturday, September 3, 2016

Make Siomay Bandung Simple and Delicious

Make Siomay Bandung Simple and Delicious - Bandung? Bandung is one of the cities in West Java which is very famous. As well as the fashion kemodisan the young child, the city is also famous for serving as tourist attractions in the form of the building and its culinary tourism is very diverse and can give an amazing experience. Often it will be a tourist destination and abroad who choose Bandung as a vacation spot. Besides being able to enjoy the coolness of the city, tourists are also treated by a variety of unique culinary Bandung, just call one of them is dumplings.

Currently dumplings not only be found in the city of Bandung alone, in all the dumplings are now the area has become a daily snack - the people of Indonesia for its rich taste that is a mix of peanut sauce with dumplings its own as well as some vegetables like gubis that complement this dish.

Mix all the ingredients that has been refined such as flour, Cara Membuat Siomay starch and as shown on the main ingredient, stir - stir until the dough becomes smooth and merataJika thats enough and evenly dough siomaynya, rounded shape - round like meatballs and then fill most of the mixture into know and pare prepared and sliced ​​tengahnya.Jika all been completed, the steamed dough that has been in the form of up matang.Setelah cooked, remove from heat and serve immediately with complementary ingredients such as eggs, cabbage and potato slices that have been prepared in advance.

Puree all ingredients without exception.If been smooth, cook with small fire until the spices are issued minyakJika ripe, immediately angkatUntuk presentation, arrange the dumplings with a complementary material into a plate and pour the sauce beans that have been made earlier.