Saturday, September 3, 2016

Recipes to Make Simple Delicious cilok

Recipes to Make Simple Delicious cilok - Cilok is a snack made of flour and starch which Dibri little meat and processed by on the cob, recipe cilok typical snacks from the region of western Java. These snacks are already familiar among the public is already familiar even once throughout Indonesia. Not only children who love this kind of food is delicious but among teenagers and adults are also hobbies eat, the price was relatively cheap and many who sell using wheelbarrow alongside a road so it is easy to buy.

This cilok steady once if eaten with chili sauce, tomato a sauce or peanut sauce, certainly more stable and make our lives more colorful and meaningful. of the Cara Membuat Cilok curious just deh we prepare dibtuhkan such equipment, bowls, pans, spoons, plates, etc., well after finished setting up the necessary equipment is now the turn of the material that we prepare.

Flour, salt, sugar, pepper mixed with hot water to wet evenly (do not get too liquid) .After wait until a bit chilly enter cornflour, chives, then uleni.Setelah dull, prepare to boil water that has been salted and slightly minyak.Bentuk dough into spheres (can be filled lard or shredded meat or cheese or sausage or chicken or beef) and enter the mouth of boiling water. If you have colored floats and shiny, remove from heat and drain.