Saturday, September 3, 2016

Variety How to Make Salted Eggs, Simple But Special

Variety How to Make Salted Eggs, Simple But Special - Tired of the processed egg that's it? Why not try the salted egg? Types of processed eggs of the much-loved community. In addition to its delicious taste, marinate the egg has also become one of the alternatives to minimize losses. Remember, eggs decay quickly if not immediately treated. 've Never tasted this food? If not, do not rush to the shop or market. Make yourself at home what's the harm? How to make salted eggs is easy. Curious? Observe the following description!

Basically, there are many ways of making salted eggs.Cara Membuat Telur Asin Choose according to your ability. The first way that we present is quite simple but the result is quite masir eggs or tasty. The materials required include

Fresh duck eggs between 10 grains to 30 grains. We recommend using egg with aged 1 to 2 days for the results berkualitas.Garam kitchen as much as 500 grams. Can also use salt or salt box krosok.Air clean as much as 1.5 to 2 liters. If you want, you can also use mineral water kemasan.Stoples glass or plastic to cover the meeting. You also can use a bucket if you want. But make sure the bucket has a lid.

First, soak the duck eggs into a container of water. Discard eggs that float because it's a sign of eggs unfit olah.Selanjutnya, clean the eggshell with polished way. In addition to removing dirt, it also serves to open pores clean telur.Setelah, tiriskanlah eggs and store in the next wadah.Langkah, make a marinade solution is a mixture of water and salt. This dissolution can use cold water. If you use hot water, then you should wait for the water cold saline solution before use.