Saturday, September 3, 2016

How to Make Pizza Simple Easy and Delicious

How to Make Pizza Simple Easy and Delicious - How to make a simple pizza with ingredients easily found. Pizza is a food bersasal of the Italian state and now has worldwide. In Indonesia Pizza is usually easily encountered in malls or in specialty stores pizza. The food was made from bread accompanied with other materials is indeed very tempting. Very fit into the dish on the sidelines of the family.

Cara Membuat Pizza In order to enjoy Pizza you do not have to buy, because the food that one is actually not very difficult to make yourself. It is certainly not without reason, the ingredients for making pizza very easily be encountered in Indonesia. Therefore the following is the recipe and how to make a simple pizza yourself at home.

The first step is simple: pizza recipe by mixing flour and fermipan and mix well, then add the add the butter and stir again until blended, then add the oil and stir lagi.Masukan eggs and milk and stir until mixture is smooth. If the dough is still hard to add back the butter or dough susu.Kemuidan let sit for approximately 15 minutes. Cover the dough with a cloth serbet.Sambil wait for the bread dough is ready for use then you should start sauteing garlic, onions, sausage, tomato, egg, paprika / sweet corn and saute until the contents of the material seemed ripe. When looked begins to mature, the input leeks, wait a few moments later angkat.Setelah 15 minutes, take the bread dough, diremat-Remat once more and then enter into teflon, flatten flatten the dough in teflon then prick with a fork so that the dough can be expanded later. See the picture below

Then give the tomato sauce on the dough until blended. After wrapping materials enter the content and cover again with sauce tomat.Setelah that give grated cheese grated on top can also be added sedikit.Tutup teflon tightly, and cook the pizza dough with a small fire was approximately 15 menit.Sajikan with chili sauce and serve while warm.