Saturday, September 3, 2016

Recipes and How to Make Crispy Potato fritters

Recipes and How to Make Crispy Potato fritters - Who does not know the supplement patties? Preparations of potato yag so deliciously served as a supplement along with side dishes and warm rice is actually favored by many people. Meatball is a kind of culinary foods made from potatoes olehan that through the process of frying or boiling and then mashed or finely chopped and mixed with shredded chicken or minced meat and eggs as an adhesive. In addition, other additives to complete these cakes are usually given a sprinkling of chives or celery, then formed into a round or oval according to taste.

The recipe and way of making these cakes at home depends on your taste,Cara Membuat Perkedel there are many variants of cakes that you can make the corned beef potato cakes, potato cakes chicken, mushroom potato cakes and much more. And on this occasion, we will explain how to make crispy potato cakes. As for the materials to be prepared in advance of them.

First, wash the first potatoes that had been prepared, and then boiled until cooked, lift and peel the skin clean. After the clean peeled, mashed potatoes until evenly distributed. Furthermore provide shallots, salt and pepper and puree together. Combine this ground spices on potatoes that have been mashed, stir until evenly mixed seasoning on the potatoes.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs and feedback on that has been mashed potato. To make the potato cakes that we will make this time more crunchy, give the flour and mix well. Fried patties in a small fire to cook until the color turns brown. Remove and drain if the color is berubah.Kini crispy potato cakes we've matured, you can present it to serve as a complementary food bertemankan with warm rice and other side dishes.