Saturday, September 3, 2016

Secrets of How to Make a Delicious and Savory Cimol in Tongue

Secrets of How to Make a Delicious and Savory Cimol in Tongue - You must be very familiar at all with this one hawker, Cimol or aci digemol a snack food that became craze everyone in Indonesia. Well, this time we will discuss about how to make a delicious Cimol. Snacks Cimol, kite often encountered in the peddler who passed through the house. Cimol also a cheap snacks with a delicious taste and savory. So no wonder, many children who love food this one. Cimol also included one of the typical snacks from Bandung made of aci or starch.

Cimol very good served, because usually equipped with Cara Membuat Cimol additional spices, both salty and spicy. Cimol food taste is very special, because if bitten feels rubbery-elastic tongue. Cimol most delicious when eaten warm each. Well, from your child's pocket in the outside, the better you make Cimol in this house. In addition to cheaper and more healthy for children. Here's how to make Cimol good for you:

Prepare a clean container to mix all the ingredients cimol.Campur all ingredients above until merata.Masukan little by little hot water until the dough ingredients shaped chewy and fluffier, stir with a spoon or spatula until the dough is shaped chewy merata.Setelah and fluffier, then shape the dough into a circle the size of marbles or according selera.Setelah all the dough is formed, the next step fried dough with a moderate fire until cooked and mengambang.Aduk-stir fried dough until a few minutes after the float, then remove and drain.