Saturday, September 3, 2016

Latest Recipes And How To Make Delicious Fish Without Batagor

Latest Recipes And How To Make Delicious Fish Without Batagor - Batagor is one of the culinary origin more precisely Indonesian city of Bandung. with a mix of fried meatballs know who would make batagor was tasty and delicious. all the love from children to oang adults like those, generally batagor own use fish but indeed in some areas there is no use of fish and even some of the material was different there are just wearing out and sago flour and without fish at all or even use dried shrimp or shrimp into small taste so good. because the prescriptions today that will be discussed is batagor but to his fish specials without using ebi, shrimp into small pieces that would taste much different from the usual batagor.

Previous recipe newest sharing tasty recipes Cara Membuat Batagor made pempek dos and recipes to make tasty fried dumplings would have the right to try? because the recipe this time also included culinary snacks that are easily encountered and familiar at all with everyone that is a recipe batagor sure to make batagor without fish is also fairly easy bother should telitti and dosing suitable materials is in need so as not to eliminate the savory taste, tasty delicious on batagornya. how do you want to try for yourself in the kitchen? let's try.

Prepare the ingredients and puree garlic, dried shrimp, add pepper and salt and grind finely. later set up the container and mix the flour and sago into one.Once well blended water enter into the batter not to dilute a little. then add herbs that have been in the puree and sliced ​​scallion stir the batter evenly.Knead until the dough is not hard and be sure until smooth. take out and cut it into two parts (take a bit of the middle to seem hollow). Put the dough into little know.