Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Bars From Fruit Cocoa Beans

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Bars From Fruit Cocoa Beans - Another yard will surely find Car Making Chocolate, but using materials so or chocolate bars. For that I bring unique information about the way of making chocolate bars from ore cacao or cocoa. Fruit trees usually cocoa or chocolate can be found in the mountains or highlands, if his own just below the processing of brown fruit into chocolate bars.

In the process, or How to Make Chocolate begins with the selection of the ore or brown fruit, must choose a really ripe from the tree or dark yellow / dark red / dark brown and easily picked. The next brown ore must undergo fermentation for 5 days, not too long, and better than the fermented sap of the fruit skin, because the skin of the fruit chocolate contains natural enzymes.

Further ore brown fruit must undergo the drying / drying. Cara Membuat Coklat After drying can be directly baked with sufficient amount of time or until the beans are seen completely dry and easily destroyed .Cara Make Chocolate further by detaching the core of the shells of cocoa beans, cocoa beans after roasting, the shells would look half destroyed, and from which ore could sieved and shells will peel off by itself.

The next stage of the liquid is inserted into a separate container and Mix with milk and sugar, stirring for 3 (three) days nonstop. this is done to reduce the level of acidity of Making Chocolate brown tersebut.Cara next is to print the result of grinding the chocolate liquor, can be molded into bars or in another form, and of course, already ready to be processed to the next process.