Wednesday, August 31, 2016


RECIPES TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE A GOOD ORIGINAL WHITE - Tofu is a food made from fermented soy beans process and take the juice. Unlike the original from Indonesian tempeh, tofu came from China, as well as soy sauce, tauco, Steamed Bun, and meatballs. Here recipe how to make out the original white tasty equipped with step - step how to easily make themselves at home

Soybean seeds were winnowed to besar.Kedelai been washed, then soaked in water for six jam.Kedelai washed again for half jam.Kedelai divided and placed in ebleg, made of bamboo or plastik.Kedelai finely ground, and soybean grain flow Cara Membuat Tahu into the barrel directly penampung.Butir soybeans boiled in soy besar.Bubur sized skillet and then moved from the frying pan into the tub or vat to be filtered with calico cloth or rough cloth that had been placed on a bamboo cage. So that all the juice in the soybean slurry is filtered all, the fabric was placed a plank of wood and someone riding on it and shook. Filtering waste, called pulp, squeezed again by flushing cold water, until it does not contain more juice. Filtering is done repeatedly until depleted soy porridge.

Air filter housed in the barrel yellow or white vinegar mixed with acid in order to clot. In addition to acetic acid, can also be added coconut water, or liquid whey (water sari know if you knew had to clot) that have dieramkan, or powdered gypsum (calcium sulphate) is separated from the acid .air or tuft of white blob and stored, because they can be used again. Lumps or flakes know who is beginning to settle poured in a box measuring for example 50 x 60 cm2 and covered with calico. Dough out felted box for a minute, so the water is still mixed in the batter knows it stretched to the limit. The batter knows already crowded box-shaped cut, for example with a size of 6 x 4 cm2. Know also ready for sale.