Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to make delicious cakes fried Pastel

How to make delicious cakes fried Pastel - Pastry called pastel is flexible, willing to make for the kind of wet or dry pastel crispy. It also depends on the content and how the end of cooking, if filled with vegetables, or eggs, can be wet pastel. Or if you want to dry, usually side with shredded, dried and fried. Regarding its content, generally pastels contain eggs, chicken, rice, and carrots. Can also meat vegetables, potatoes or tomatoes, depending on the preferred variation. The food is usually very popular with children, and fortunately pastel highly nutritious when seen from the contents. Usually there are three stages to make pastel, which makes the skin, and the contents, but here we will give that to three, namely sauce (optional). For skin you can buy ready-made, if it feels too complicated to make your own.

Heat the oil for a while, then Cara Membuat Pastel saute the ingredients are mashed up fragrant aroma appear. Enter the carrots and chicken that have been shreded-shreded, stirring until wilted carrots into half. Add salt, sugar, pepper, and cook until done. When would be appointed, enter the noodles, then stir rata.Kulit: Beat the eggs briefly, then put all the ingredients of the skin, stir origin blended. Form the dough into thin noodles using a rolling pin. Start of the thickness of the number 1 being the thickest. Then milled again until the thickness of the thinnest or the number 5. Print to print pastel leather. Using a rolling pin can, try flat and thin. After the skin is complete, enter part of the contents that have been sauteed earlier, add a slice of egg. Fold the edges and twisted.

Fry: Heat oil to be hot right, turn, fire, and enter pastel, stir. After that, turn on the stove back with a small flame, pastel fry until cooked. Serve with easy recipes sausnyaDemikian create soft pastel, complete with a nutritious dish for your dear family.