Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Make a Delicious Soft White Milk Pudding

How to Make a Delicious Soft White Milk Pudding - White milk pudding recipe - previously we've brought dessert menu offerings with the basic ingredients of milk chocolate or rather we call chocolate pudding recipe. Maybe some people do not like the same chocolate, in our opinion there is nothing wrong if you try this milk pudding white.

Texture is not much different really, just two pudding recipes Cara Membuat Puding Susu can we kreasikan shape according to taste, for example using molds that are gorgeous, adorned with a variety of fresh fruit pudding consumption suapaya more healthy and much more we can do for this dessert. Well, then let's look at how to make milk puddings below.

The first step mix gelatin, sweetened condensed milk and water to the pan. Then boiled while stirring continuously until boiling. Lift, leave at room temperature until the steam is lost (not to harden) The next step Pour pudding mixture into the mold / cup beautiful. Then let stand briefly until the pudding somewhat keras.Setelah rather loud garnished pudding with syrup or fresh fruit pieces in atasnya.Terakhir in the refrigerator / freezer and wait until frozen. Milk pudding was ready to be enjoyed.