Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True

How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True - Wet spring rolls and spring rolls are fried snacks were very popular, his second differ at only just in the process of processing into mature spring rolls. Now we will discuss this time is the spring roll skin. Spring roll skin is important in making spring rolls itself, all the people will judge a spring roll of skin, different as books do not look at the book from its cover hehehe ga disconnected. Therefore, when you look at the spring rolls wrapped in soft leather will surely make you taste more and more intrigued. Different when you see her spring rolls with leather wrapping the broken or cracked everywhere after being fried.

As the main ingredient Cara Membuat Kulit Lumpia used to make spring roll skin is flour mixed with water and a little salt and eggs. Well the main conditions for making spring roll skin to be in get good results is on the way of kneading the dough or how to knead in the Java language must be absolutely perfect, but it is with the addition of other ingredients to make a spring roll skin becomes crispy, savory and steady. Based on the opinion of many, a good skin is skin that is thin, crisp, smooth, crisp and definitely its tasteful and does not break when fried and definitely taste too bad. But of course everyone has their own individual tastes in making spring roll skin, nothing like thin, but some are like thick. For those of you who like a thin skin of dough apply once on a frying pan, the result will be a more pliant when it is cold. For those who like a thick batter apply many times during frying, the results will be lebaih durable in terms of its crispness.

For the storage method also affects the crispness and too salty from spring rolls. If the spring rolls should be consumed immediately put on a piece of banana leaf and cover the top with banana leaves as well, this will also create a more attractive aroma of spring rolls. If will be stored for long periods should be inserted into a plastic bag in order to keep your renyah.Nah for foodies that many ask how to make skin Lumpai good, here I will share her recipe hopefully I will share a recipe that is consistent with the results that you expect and immediately refer any recipe How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True follows.