Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Risoles Super Delicious Recipes And How to Make It

Risoles Super Delicious Recipes And How to Make It - Risoles is a form of pastry dishes containing meat, usually a minced meat and vegetables wrapped in a fried, and fried after crumb coated with flour and beaten egg.Masakan ini pun bisa dipanggang dalam oven, serta disajikan sebagai hors-d’oeuvre ataupun entrĂ©e ringan. Risoles ukuran kecil bisa digunakan sebagai hiasan untuk hidangan dari potongan besar daging ayam/kalkun ataupun daging sapi.

Contents can risoles with chicken meat, fish, beef, button mushrooms, carrots, shrimp, potatoes, or beans. Fried dough made from a mixture of flour, butter, egg yolks, and water or milk. Well, for this time, we will try to cook risoles Mayonnaise. Here is his recipe risoles mayonaise.

Mix the flour, pepper, milk and salt until blended. Put the Resep Risoles whipped eggs and mix while you pour a little water until the batter is smooth and flat and there is no gumpalan.Tambahkanlah vegetable oil, stirring until rata.Panaskanlah non-stick frying pan 20 cm, spread a thin little oil. So that not too much oil, done by rubbing a piece of cloth or thick tissue can also dipped in a little minyak.uangkan 1 ladle batter while frying pan is shaken or rotated to form a thin circle, turn skin dries risoles after one side and easily removable. Hold up after both sides had dried, do it again on the rest of the dough skin.

Heat the margarine and saute onion until wilted. Put the chicken, stirring until stiff. Masukkalahn carrots and green beans and cook until softened, then stir the flour taburilah rata.asukkanlah also other ingredients, except cheese slices and mayonnaise and mix well again angkat.Siapkanlah skin risoles then give dough, add chunks of cheese and mayonnaise. Fold and roll then glue with a solution of wheat with little air.Celupkanlah in beaten egg and then roll in flour roti.Gorenglah until golden brown, then remove tiriskan.Selanjutnya present 15 pieces risoles cheese mayonnaise together chili sauce to make it more steady