Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How To Make The Most Easy Pancake

How To Make The Most Easy Pancake - How to make pancakes may already be a question a lot of people who love pancakes. Actually how to make pancakes were pretty easy as long as you memupunyai strong desire and patience. Pancake is very suitable for a family meal. Moreover, when consumed at breakfast time, the pancakes will taste better.

For those of you who are very eager to make pancakes certainly often asked -Cara Membuat Pancake wondering how the heck do I make pancakes are tasty and easy it is. Or may have the desire to make pancakes for the family or friends - friends. To answer all the questions you might ask, I'll give the recipe and steps - steps to make pancakes.

Mix well and stir in flour, salt, egg yolks and milk with a balloon whisk until blended, or can use a mixer at lowest speed (if you do not have a balloon whisk and mixer, can also use a wooden spatula) Beat egg whites until stiff. Could use a fork or balloon whisk.Kemudian enter the flour mixture into the egg white mixture and stir well. Well in dough mixing flour with egg white, can also use the technique of fishing. By taking a few egg whites and mix it into the flour and stir well. added little by little. Then just insert the flour mixture into the egg whites. This step is to avoid bergerindil egg white.

Heat teflon smallest diameter (which is to make sunny side), rub with margarine, reduce the heat. Can also use Teflon standar.Tuang size of about 2.5 tablespoons of vegetable mixture, cover dough sebentarBalik if there had been little porous and slightly hardened edges