Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How To Make The Tasty Pudding and Chewy

How To Make The Tasty Pudding and Chewy - Puddings usually be one of the desserts after meals, in addition to the fruits we can also use the pudding as the end of the closing of your meal. And of course you also need to know about how to manufacture various puddings. On this occasion I have to divide the recipe on how to make pudding. For you who do not understand the previous way of making pudding, and wanted to know how, shall consider the following reviews carefully.

Sweetened condensed milk, water, gelatin, mixed and stir,Cara Membuat Puding then cook over low heat until mendidih.Telur shaken together sugar and vanilla until fluffy and thick, then enter the flour little by little alternately with liquid margarine and stir well. gelatin that has been cooked poured into the egg mixture, gently shake until well blended. The dough is divided into two parts, partly mixed with chocolate, stir well, which is partly let kuning.Tuangkan 100 ml colored yellow dough in the center of the pan, pour back 50 ml chocolate mixture on top of batter yellow. Do keep in alternately until the dough runs out. Chill until frozen custard. Pudding ready to serve.

Mix all ingredients together satu.Masak over low heat while stir until melted chocolate and mendidih.Angkat, stir until the steam berkurang.Siapkan pudding pan according selera.Taruh few grains button at the bottom loyang.Tuangi choco pudding mixture, let until beku.Simpan in the refrigerator until dingin.Sajikan with the sauce.

Caramel: sugar placed in a saucepan, and heat until melted and brown, pour water 100 ml little bit until late, sisihkanAgar-order cooked with milk, caramel and sugar to a boil, then mix with the egg yolks, stir and lift it up and enter into cetakanPuding chocolate: Mix together milk, gelatin cocoa powder, dark cooking chocolate, sugar then stir and put didihkanKemudian eggs, stir briefly and then pour over the caramel vanilla pudding mold tadi.Masukkan in the refrigerator. Allow to cool serve